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IDNameDescriptionBegin DateEnd DateDuration 
10cost/quality improvementsCircuit board orientation in enclosure was inverted to aid assembly and test (mounted PCA component-side-up in enclosure changed to copper-side-up, allowing direct access to circuit board components and off-board wiring while mounted in the enclosure). Location of holes in the enclosure base and lid were adjusted for the new circuit board orientation, and enclosure artwork modified accordingly. To document the changes, the PCA assembly diagram and work instruction were updated for the tuning capacitor being mounted on the opposite side of the PCB, and the enclosure-level assembly diagram and work instruction were updated for PCA mounting change (orientation and new shorter standoffs).2015-03-26 00:00:002015-04-22 00:00:0020View Update Delete
14DEFAULT ISSUEThis is the DEFAULT issue for the DEFAULT project.0000-00-00 00:00:000000-00-00 00:00:00 View Update Delete
5design gate 12015-01-29 00:00:002015-01-29 00:00:000View Update Delete
7design gate 22015-02-26 00:00:002015-02-26 00:00:000View Update Delete
2Difficult assembly procedureManufacturing staff report assembly of wireless unit is difficult to assemble and test due to copper-side-up orientation of PCA. Suggestion is to orient PCA component-side up providing for full access to components for more effective visual inspection and easier troubleshooting after assembly.   View Update Delete
12field service kitA kit of parts useful for field service was released. The service kit and contents was created in response to requests from field service technicians to provide more effective and efficient field service.2015-04-23 00:00:002015-05-20 00:00:0020View Update Delete
1Incorrect PCB layoutConnectivity of PCB-type inductor is incorrect.   View Update Delete
9mfg gate 12015-03-26 00:00:002015-03-26 00:00:000View Update Delete
11mfg gate 22015-04-23 00:00:002015-04-23 00:00:000View Update Delete
13mfg gate 32015-05-21 00:00:002015-05-21 00:00:000View Update Delete